OSX compress, zip64 and large file madness

(since we are talking about zipping and unzipping… image credit: 119)

Just a quick note to save you 3 hours of troubleshooting:

Do NOT use OSX built-in “compress” function unless you are dealing with less than 65,535 files or files smaller than 4GB. Or else you risk not being able to decompress (unzip) them in other applications (or other OS).

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7-zip 临时文件夹的 Bug

刚刚测试了一下,7-zip(v4和v9)通过文件管理器鼠标拖拽触发的解压,会无视用户设定的临时文件夹选项(在7-zip里叫工作文件夹),使用系统默认TEMP文件夹。尝试解压20G的文件时出现系统盘空间耗尽的问题,特此记录。临时解决办法:用右键菜单解压就行了。 – 详见官方bug tracker