First you ignore them, then you laugh at them, then you see your territory dominated by them; you realize the next generation dig them, you taunt them, you fight them, you ban them, too late as your shopping mall is flooded by them; you even try to be one of them, while saying “you guys are better off without them”; just keep cursing them, maybe one day your govt. will cut the running legs off them, so what you’re riding the same boat with them, your future is far superior to them; you never care for them, you don’t even want to address them, you simply aim to hijack all the moneybag from them.

“Fuck them”, there wasn’t a “them”, there shall not be a “them”, you will replace “them”, after all, you own your market, NOT them, NOT ANY of them!

有感于Chinese cartoons strive to be leaders of animation08中国漫画腾飞年?08中国漫画腾飞年!。眼红竞争对手,想方设法找跳板、捷径与摇钱树的人很多;愿意走下金库直通车,脚踏实地的人很少;我是没资格翻台啦,即便是娱乐圈的八卦文化,也要打好谣言基础才能上头条;没想到不愿意与新文化结合的,架空多年缺乏累积的本土动漫文化,却是金钱可以拔苗助长的?

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  1. 我又想起了我们那位可恶的广告学兼公关策划兼媒体管理老师妄想着”不需要任何内容产品,只需要有一个动漫形象存在就能赚钱”的春秋大梦.整天在说他拉回来的那个客户,想着凭那个土到掉渣的形象就不靠内容产品而做到满堂红.

  2. 其实中国动漫发展如此良好应该归功于国家广播电影电视总局、新闻出版总署等人民保卫者。只有这一个原因。

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