Tiny WordPress Plugin: Faster Image Insert


  • Tired of waiting for Media Manager to load in thickbox on every single insertion ?

  • Tired of having no control on background interface when thickbox pop-up is on ?

  • Tired of the fact that neither the Media Manager nor the Shortcode API gives you enough control over where the image should appear ?

Well, I am. So here is a tiny, swiss-army-knife like plugin for all those image controlling freaks out there.



As of 1.5.1

In Development:

  • trunk: full AJAX interface. (TODO)

Stable Release:

  • Check download page for Changelog.


Faster Image Insert是一款轻便插件,节省WordPress用户等待媒体上传管理器的时间,提供连续插入多张图片的功能(WordPress 2.5以上的默认设定让用户每次只能插入一张图片,或使用内置Shortcode插入所有图片;本插件提供类似WP早期的图片管理界面,同时不干扰WordPress默认上传管理器的正常工作)


  • trunk: 完全的AJAX操作界面。(开发中)


  • 更新列表移至下载页面。

Author: 店长

The Master of BitInn

247 thoughts on “Tiny WordPress Plugin: Faster Image Insert”

  1. Hi!
    I like the concept, but since my blog is in a subfolder I need to manually update all relative URLs to include “get_option(‘siteurl’).”

    Update this and your plugin will be even better!

  2. This is fabulous! This will save me loads of time.

    Hey, any chance to add an “Insert All” button at the bottom, so you can upload all your images, then insert them all at once in your post? (The way I post, the Gallery function doens’t work for me).

    Thanks SO SO much for this :D


  3. Incredible work! Ever since they launched 2.5, insertion images was a nightmare…(one of the reasons why i’m getting lazy to post new stuff -_-)

    So, to make your plugin look more professional: where’s the payapl donate button ?!

  4. @Jessie
    good idea, I will looking to that.

    donation link? it’s in development.
    put your lame excuse aside and get blogging =3=

  5. Hello, this plugin is very useful. Thanks for writing it!

    A tiny issue though: could you move the inline styles to the head of the page or even at the beginning of the meta box? The problem is that inline styles can’t be overriten without modifying your plugin directly.

    And a curiosity: what is the quicktags.js file for?

    Thanks again.

  6. @Jessie
    I have implemented an “insert all images” button, try the Development Version out if you like :-)

    I have separated the styling from iframe, and switched to jquery iframe loading, again, try out Development Version;

    quicktags.js is just there to fix a bug in 2.7.1, it’s been reported to trac, so hopefully they fix in next release & I will remove this script.

  7. WOW. Thank you SO much! It works great! (Wow.) I’ll spread the word. This is just what I was looking for! :D

    One small question…Right now, it inserts the images from the top of your list down. Is there a way to make an option to insert them in reverse order, from the bottom up? (I do series of step by step photos, and my oldest pictures are always at the bottom of my list.)

    Thanks again!

  8. Oh, or maybe to have the images inserted according to the order number you enter. That might be most practical for more folks. (Sorry, still very excited) :D

    Great work!

  9. @Jessie
    updated, now with ability to insert selected images.

    for reason I can’t work out, in the gallery mode, if you re-order the image list by drag-and-drop, it outputs in the order you specify; but entering number manually in the box require you to “save all changes” first. (possibly because drag-and-drop function use ajax to save changes on-the-go)

    anyway, this should do fine for now.

  10. For some reason, when I try to insert an image, it instead creates a link in my story, using the “Title” text to display. There’s no image, just the title to click on to display the image. What do I have wrong?

  11. @Gary
    I tried safari, which doesn’t seem to be any problem, so I assume you’re talking about “From URL” tab.

    Faster Image Insert currently loads wordpress “media” upload form, not “image” upload form; I will think about switching to that.

    for now, if you just want to insert an image at a url, then the image insert function on toolbar is just as fast.

  12. @Gary
    try out the Development Version, I have changed it to load image upload form, see if that’s what you want.

  13. V.1.2 does not work at all. I’ve got a closed menu after installation and if I try to open it, nothing is showed…
    (I have to say it’s a great extension with No Flash Upload plugin)

  14. @Li-An
    1.2.0 use jquery to load media manager in iframe, this should be related to it. try cleaning your browser cache and re-activate the plugin.

    if that doesn’t help, do you mind installing Web Developer and post the error catch by it(just the error, not warnings), it could be plugin conflict.

  15. Well, maybe a conflict with another plugin (I have too much plugins installed, I must confess). The cache manipulation gives nothing.

  16. @Li-An
    I would recommend using the new version as it contains all the bug fix and some improvement, like the handy multiple insertions.

    if you have some free time, try de-activating other plugins, that’s should help identifying the trouble-maker.

  17. I did try Ctrl+Shift+J but I don’t know what to look at. No error message in WordPress administration.
    Well, maybe it’s not very important, I will soon change my hosting so maybe it will work on the new hosting :-)

  18. Bless your heart!! You have made my life much easier!! This is PERFECT in helping me update my members area much quicker!!! YAAAAAAAY!!!!!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!

  19. Hi David!

    Just the plugin that I and other Danes need!

    It would be really, really nice, if you would prepare your plugin for localization. Any chance of that happening soon?


  20. I like this plugin but I use my own custom quicktags file… I was wondering why this plugin replaced it.

  21. Hi David!

    I’ve used this plugin for a week, and it is truly a time saver!

    It would be really, really nice, if your plugin is able to do massive title/alt attributes editing in the future =3=

    something useful when you try to post a huge gallery of images in the same topic. wordpress uses file name as default, which always looks horrible and not search engine friendly. And it’s a lot of work to edit them one by one..

    thank you~ ^ ^

  22. @nonhocapito
    it fixs a bug in quicktags.js that reset textarea scrollbar when using html editing mode, we have reported it to trac. a fix should be in by wordpress 2.7.2
    If you don’t use html mode, comment it out.

    PS: I recommend AddQuicktag if you want to add new quicktag without editing the core, it works with Faster Image Insert.

    I will look into it, I do know a plugin called “SEO Friendly Images” that do roughly the same thing, but haven’t personally tried it.

  23. Hello again,

    You might want to move the CSS and JS to separate files so that browser caching can kick in.

    Keep up the good work!

  24. @scribu
    I tried to use wp_register_script as often as possible, inline ones are usually kept for i18n.

  25. Oh thank you so much ^ ^ Just tested out 1.3.2 , it’s great! yet there are a few more things I noticed:

    * mass-edit doesn’t work when the last two options are left blank(align and size). When user tries to mass-edit images’ titles, it is not necessary he/she always wants to format size and align options at the same time.

    * when it comes to matters of check-boxes, a button for “select/deselect all” is always handy ^ ^

  26. @Delacour
    This plugin actually takes care of that. It’s likely due to the way wordpress list items, its drag-and-drop function by default cleans out alignment options; I have no idea why…
    There are way too many quirks in current wordpress media manager. Until wordpress dev team dashes out a decent one, this function will remain “experimental & unsupported”.

    Negate selection will be in next release.

  27. Tahnk you ! The new version fixed my problem (after playing with the options). I will try to find some time to make a french translation.

  28. This is great! Two bugs, though:

    1. All the checkboxes come up as checked, and there is no “uncheck all” function. I don’t want to insert 150 images into every post!

    2. When I insert an image into a post, the Fast Insert window comes up blank; I have to reload the page to see it again.

  29. @Doug

    A1: Negate selection will be in next release.

    A2: hmmm, that shoudn’t happen, could you refresh your cache, and check if firefox show any error(not warning) in console. It could be a plugin conflict as well.

  30. Wow! Love the new release! If possible, it’s even handier than the original. One question. Is it possible to have an option to not display the alt tag as a caption in the post?

    Thanks again. Keep up the amazing work. :D


  31. @Georg
    Thanks a lot, it will be in the next release.

    disable it globally is easier than filter it away, but possible, when I have time…

  32. @Li-An
    It simply means the plugin will not leave several blank lines between each image by default (when using multiple insert, of course).

  33. OK, I made the correction in the mo and po files. Thank you for your work on this plugin. It’s most useful for me.

  34. @jason
    try searching for \n\n\n in the code, find the line next to it with $html = %html.’ ‘; and remove it.
    next release should come with an option to config that.

    I can’t seem to download your translation file.

  35. Love the plugin!

    I dunno if it’s a WP thing, but I don’t want links on/to my images, so I’ve to view every image and choose not to have a link to it, which takes some time.

    Would be nice if it could be an option in Faster Image Insert. :)

  36. @Jakob
    I believe WP should save your last decision (ie. if you last insert is without link, it should choose none by default)

    mass edit is more or less experimental, I wouldn’t count on it.

  37. The Custom Field Template was interfering with the reloading. When I remove (not just disable) the plugin, faster image insert works! Now to find a way to have both functions… Thanks for your help!

  38. Custom Field Template does seem to keep other Ajax widgets from loading, though (whether or not it uses JQuery) — in particular, it interferes with the Custom Fields default box for me.

  39. @Doug
    Yeah, It does try to hack a couple of functions overlap with Faster Image Insert, have you tried adjusting settings for both plugins ?

  40. Yes, I have, but there aren’t that many settings to change on that part.I do notice that Faster Image Insert keeps the built-in box “Custom Fields” from running properly, even when it is the only boxes plugin installed (i.e. normally one can type in a custom field and hit “add” and the field will use ajax to appear above the input. That reappearing does not happen with Faster Image Insert installed).

  41. By default, the checkbox on all images is checked in the Gallery Tab. Is it possible to have a setting where all of them are unchecked by default. I have about 10-20 pictures per article and only need to insert one/two at a time. Right now, I have to uncheck all the images and keep only one or two checked- the ones I want inserted. This ibviously increases the time every time I want to access images

  42. No resolution, I had to disable Faster Image Insert for now, because I absolutely needed the custom fields to work.

  43. Great plugin!!!!! It has saved me lots of work.

    I wonder if it´s possible to add a checkbox to invert the selection in future versions.

    For example, if i have 40 photos on my gallery and i want to add 10 using your plugin, i have to manually uncheck 30. If a checkbox to invert selection was available, i just unmark the 10 i want, and click on it.


  44. @Doug

    I have read through CPT’s latest code, and provide a solution in FAQ, see if that helps.

    wordpress plugin directory temporally label trunk as latest stable release, it’s NOT, use 1.3.3 instead.

  45. I’ve just moved to a new webhoster and I have a strange little problem. When I upload a picture (I always work in html mode) the code is inserted correctly but the Faster Image box takes a lot of time to show again (I had no problem with same plugins in my old webhoster). Sometimes I have to save the post to make the box shown again. Have you any idea about that ?

  46. @Li-An
    try 1.3.2 and see if it’s faster. Mostly your hosting’s problem, since not much code was changed…

  47. Yes, now it works as designed! The only thing I seem to have lost is the “drop down” in the CFTs which tries to give me typing completion. As you suggested, I did not change WP core code. I don’t miss that feature — thanks so much for your help!

  48. Whenever i activate faster image insert and write post it increases the post number.
    Please tell me what to modify in plugin so as to disable post number increment / autosave.


  49. got blank view after insert selected images and doesn’t work either.. just one picture inserted into post.
    I’m using wp 2.71 :(

  50. @axlian
    that’s a desired effect in wordpress, it enables revision (each revision relates to a post-id), I am sure there are plugins which help you disable autosave / revision.

    use those plugins & try comment out this two lines –

    wp_register_script(‘autosave’,get_option(“siteurl”).’/wp-content/plugins/faster-image-insert/autosave.js’, array(‘schedule’, ‘wp-ajax-response’));

    likely a plugin conflict (if you haven’t modified any core files), please confirm you still have a problem when using faster-image-insert as the only plugin. if so, please also describes the symptom ?

  51. @axlian
    by post number I assume you meant post id. and I assume you’re using wordpress 2.7

    Faster Image Insert only read current post-id on start, no code is added to increase post-id. what you describe looks like a plugin conflict to me.

    can you disable all other plugin, clean your cache & confirm this is still happening (no need to remove those two lines in this case) ?

    (also, I hope you haven’t modified any core files.)

  52. yes i am using wordpress 2.7 .

    I have figured out why the post id is increasing..

    When I upload and insert certain number of images in a post and publish it (like if i upload and insert 10 images and my current post id is p=120 , what it do is it will create next ten post id of the 10 uploaded image attachments.
    Like the post id 121 will be the first image attachment and that page will show the first uploaded image and it will goes till the last for p=129)
    and if we go to url/post id121 it will redirect to url/attachment_id=XXX

    Please tell me the solution for it.


  53. @axlian
    this is a default behaviour in wordpress, not caused by Faster Image Insert; it’s a good idea to consult wordpress forum, my guess is you need an alternative upload method so wordpress don’t record them in database (FII uses default media manager).

  54. that problem is not getting solved.

    can u add a feature to the plugin of a button of “select all” or “insert all” images so that we can put all images at one go.


  55. hey mate

    great plugin very useful and all .i just dont get it how the hell iit is possible that i wasted last 15 minutes trying to find a little how-to regarding mass edit pages.how am i supposed to use it?there is no info on that matter anywhere?i tried , . ; between words and noting works.

    what im missing here?:)
    thanks a lot

  56. @cipeczka
    mass edit page ? this plugin only allow mass edit image infos (title, alternative text etc.), which is right under the list of images, within “gallery” tab (you need to enable this function in settings).

    mass editing is quite straight-forward, you just enter the options you want, press “apply changes” button, and insert the ones you need; if you want to save the changes permanently, press the “save all changes” button above.

    wordpress’ media manager has some quirks in it, so I mark this function as experimental, as it fails sometimes…

  57. wow!
    sorry for the confusion.i was stoned as hell yesterday…obviously i didnt mean mass edit pages, i meant mass edit Images!and what i was asking actually is this:is it possible to mass edit multiply images at once..so lets say i have 4 images and i want to give them 4 different titles and captions…i thought your plugin can do it somehow.like by pasting desired titles separated by “,” or “.”…same with captions but it seems its not an option yet…am i right?

    thanks and have a nice day to ya

  58. @cipeczka
    sorry mate, i will look into it on next release (or perhaps a button to expand all items…)

  59. This plugin is awesome! Just wanted to say thanks it… it saved me a ton of time trying to upload images on my blog. Thick box is just dumb.

  60. Hi~~~~~^ ^

    I just noticed that wordpress put images in a different order in “upload from computer” and “album” sections. (eg. I uploaded images 1 2 3, and displayed as 1,2,3 but when i click album/gallery tab, it would be listed as 3, 2 ,1 with latest picture on the top)

    It’s very confusing when I edit images’ descriptions where order maters. For example, when I upload some anime screenshots that follow a plot, and comment them one by one; and when i select them and click insert all, they would be displayed in the post in a wrong order.(the last scene will be on top of the post, what a spoiler!)

    So what i am suggesting is a function that allow “insert selection in reverse order “…Thank you!

    by the way, just let you know there is no translation for “invert seletion” button in simply chinese version of wordpress XD

  61. I very enjoyed your plugin, it solved the top problem of WP for me. But it still have some discmfort: when you press “insert image(s)” gallery page in iframe always reloads. On my internet it work very slow in case I uploaded tens of images.

  62. @samlowry
    as far as I know there is currently no way to work around that without breaking wordpress built-in feature. Media manager POST data as user click “insert”, which cause iframe to reload.

    That’s why I am looking to develop an AJAX version: minimize the load-time of POSTing data…

  63. I absolutely LOVE this plugin. Only one small request. I’m a photographer and whenever I insert multiple photos, the order is backwards from the name of the files. Is it at all possible to have a button that reverses the order when you insert the photos? Everything is completely backwards.. I would LOVE this feature.

  64. @Josh
    press the button, it should fill in numbers automatically, then press “save all changes”, image list should be “reversed” now.

    thanks! you mind download the trunk version and translate it, I am preparing for wordpress 2.8

  65. Actually I’m not using Safari, I’m using SrWare Iron, an independent build of the Chromium source code.

  66. @Victor
    I havn’t tested it with wpmu, but I don’t see any reason why it shouldn’t work (as most wp-plugins do)

    I am going to count you as Chrome user then :-)

  67. @Josh
    I am sorry to say but reversed ordering only work as under “gallery” mode, that is, when you have uploaded images for a new post/page.

    I should have make it more clear, it’s fixed in development version.

  68. Hi
    Great plugin! Thickbox be gone!

    What’s the trick to getting images to display in one line?
    I have a 600px wide content area, and to display 3 thumbnails in a row I have to have 2 of the images set to aligned left and one aligned right. Even then sometimes i’ll get a small word trying to squeeze in-between the images.

    What I want to do is to display 2 or 3 image thumbnails in a horizontal row with no text wrapping.

    Sort of like the gallery, but the gallery sucks because you can’t define which images to insert – it inserts all images attached to the post.


  69. @Mike
    Go to settings page for the plugin, tick “Insert multiple images in ONE line” option, then set “Number of separators” to zero.

    Now try to do mass insert, all images should be inserted in one line, thumbnails should wrap by default (just like a paragraph of text, no need to set aligned property).

    As to exact number of images per line, it depends on several properties, ie. the width of your thumbnails, and the padding within content area & the padding on images. CSS for your current wordpress theme is the main suspect.

  70. Thanks for the tip – I didn’t have the number of separators set to 0. Still, the images do appear on a line but as you said, depending on the height and width of the images, sometimes there’s still a gap on one side and the following text tries to squeeze in the gap.
    Very frustrating.
    I’ll see if there’s any CSS changes I can do to stop that. Any hints would be appreciated :)
    One other suggestion: The mass edit functionality should only apply to the SELECTED images. I found that it sets the title/caption on ALL images in your gallery – not just the ones you’ve selected using the checkbox.


  71. @Mike
    mass-edit function still has a lot of rough edges, I will look into a solution.


    Did you wrap images/text in paragraphs ? I mean the “p” element; normally one paragraph should not interfere with the others. (and you should set images alignment to “none” in this case)

    anyway, ask the good folks at wordpress forum if you’re still having troubles.

  72. Hello, I will take a look at the development version for the french version.
    I’ve got a “little problem”: in some old version, I could get multiple lines of separation between images and now I got only spaces. And I don’t find any option to choose between line and space.

  73. @Li-An
    hmm. this plugin always use newline by default. here are my speculation:

    you might have left some options in wp_options. download the latest version, activate, then go to settings to uninstaill all options.

    or it could be a plugin conflict.

  74. Just writing to say thanks for the plugin; really speeds up image uploading and fixes an issue I’ve had since WP 2.5. I’m currently running WP 2.6.5 and its been smooth sailing ever since the FII install.

    Much appreciated,


  75. The following may or may not be a bug in Fast Edit. Can’t tell for sure.

    May possibly be an issue of interaction with other plugins. Using WP 2.7.1 with latest install of TinyMCE and WP Super Edit [to control TinyMCE user level functionality]: however I’m reluctant to start deactivating plugins to debug the issue since that will damage existing functionality.
    Note that TinyMCE is configured to use editor.css, which is a modified version of the theme’s default css.

    Fairly certain what I describe below is not a browser caching issue since it shows up in IE 6 & 7 and FF 2 & 3 on different platforms, and also in KDE on Ubuntu.

    Note that the plugin itself appears to function exactly as expected: this is simply a “display” issue.

    Insert an image from any source. ‘Save’ the page or post. Click on the image in the page/post and select the edit option and the edit dialog box opens as normal: however instead of showing menu and item labels as words it is showing the underlying php code

    Thus for example:the tabs at the top show (#wpeditimage.edit.img) (#wpeditmage.adv_settings) whilst the ‘size’ label below the tabs shows (#wpeditiimagesize)

    I can’t see any obvious reason for this.

    Any ideas?

  76. >the edit dialog box

    that box you refer to, was it a tinymce pop-up ? If so you can pretty much exclude FII from the problem source, as it doesn’t do anything to tinymce.

    I will suggest you try out a local install & see if any of the plugin is at fault, you probably should also have a look at your Tinymce install as well.

  77. The plugin does not work with wp 2.8. The add new new post/page will go blanc

  78. You need to look into adjusting the settings or possible plugin conflicts.

    PS: I am using 2.8 right now, doesn’t notice any problems; FII has been tested with 2.8 before the 1.3.5 release.

  79. Hi
    good plugin indeed
    when in gallery mode
    i would like to have the images open in new window
    were should i insert code?

  80. @Li-An

    i don’t think it’s doable with current media manager, but you can add target=_blank as your img attributes. if in doubt, please consult official wordpress forum.

  81. Hi There

    Just uploaded this to my site to try it out, and boy it killed it. Killed it dead. I mean, nothing – blew the site off the internet.

    Deleted it via FTP, waited for the cache to come back online. I’m using too many plugins to list here, because I’m a hacker at heart. So it was probably a conflict with one of them. Just to let you know.

    It sounded good too!

  82. @Wordsmoker

    I share your frustration, wordpress’ plugin system does have some serious pitfalls. I would suggest testing your site in a local environment; it’s safer this way, plus it helps you debug any conflicts.

    In general, this plugin doesn’t mess with a website’s front-end (ie. normal visitors should not be affected), as it only provides back-end enhancements. So what you described does seem like a plugin conflict.

    If you have a list of “suspects”, I may look into it.

  83. @Josh

    WordPress 2.8+ has built-in function to reverse order, its on top of the gallery page, look harder :-)

    if you really want FII to provide said function, check the settings, make sure you have not disabled the compatible mode (of FII).

  84. Hmm. Sorry, I’m not seeing it. Where is the gallery page? I have installed NextGen Gallery – does that make a difference.

    When I “Add Media” or images… I get 4 tabs. From Computer, From URL, Media Library, NextGen Gallery

    Am I looking in the wrong area… really appreciate your help.


  85. @Josh

    A gallery tab should appear after you have uploaded some images and saved that post (or auto-saved), the reverse ordering function is right under this tab.

    I wonder if NextGen Gallery will replace the default gallery tab…

  86. It doesn’t. Apparently there are some flakey things about the Gallery in WP. I did a google search on it. Still don’t know what the issue is. I have disabled NextGen, deleted NextGen… and also reinstalled WP 2.8.2 and still, no Gallery. Can’t figure it out.

  87. Hi.

    I’m just wondering what has changed in the current new versions of this plugin?

    A new version has been released for download but there’s no update in the changelog on this post above.


  88. Hi,

    This plugin is really nice! It works good with the standard gallery but I can´t seem to get it to work with the nextgen gallery plugin. When I go to the nextgen gallery tab in the faster image addin window and select some images and press insert it doesn´t insert anything. Anyone know how to fix this?


  89. This is an awesome plugin that I have loved for quite some time!

    However, today I’ve been having troubles inserting images using the plugin. I have 202 images that I am trying to insert into a post. The images uploaded just fine and I can see them in the gallery. When I select all 202 images and hit the “insert images” button, FireFox thinks for a while before the Faster Image Insert box (or if using the standard “add an image button,” the pop-up box) turns white and no images are inserted. It is reminiscent of the white-screen-of-death people were getting back in WP 2.7/2.6.

    Any ideas on what might be going on?


  90. @Nick
    this plugin is not designed for nextgen gallery plugin, I don’t personally use nextgen gallery neither. though it could a nice feature in coming release.

    are you using admin drop-down plugin ? check faq for possible solution. Also check the console log in firefox, see if there are any warnings.
    does default insert works ? what happen when you try inserting fewer images at a time ?

  91. hi mate,

    as you already know your plugin is so cool and amazing and all that i wont repeat all of the comments above. thanks again

    now, here is my question: i go to media library inside of the fast image insert interface, i can see my images that i have already copied there BUT i can only see max 10 images, to see more i need to clikc next page. Is there a way to bypass this 10 items per page limit? I tried looking into your code but couldnt find it anything that could change this limit to lets say 20 images per page etc.

    Could you please be so kind and handsome and help me with this.

  92. @suchacipka
    I am not sure if there is a way to work around it, but if you save the post, you should see a complete list of uploaded images for that post under “gallery” tab.

  93. Hi there,

    Thanks for producing such a great plug in – I’m having a problem with it though… I am trying to use the Flash Uploader and it will let me select all the images I want, but after it crunches the first image, it stops. The rest of the images still appear in the list to be uploaded, but they don’t continue uploading. This same behaviour happens on my local version as well as my server version.

    I am using WP 2.8.4. I don’t normally have any other problems with the flash uploader…

    Please can you take a look and see if it is a bug in the FII plug-in.

    Thanks very much,

  94. Israel, since FII haven’t changed anything in regrad to flash plugin (nor am I able to reproduce your problem), I suspect it’s a problem relate to your installed version of flash or browser cache.

    a few testing steps:

    1. clear the cache
    2. update your google gear, if you have any, and update your wordpress’ gear
    3. try using the default popup uploader(with the plugin active), do you experience the same problem

  95. Wow.. fast reply.
    I was just about to write back saying I’ve deleted & reinstalled and cleared the cache and teh problem has disappeared. Thanks for replying!

  96. One more thing (if you’re reading anyway…)
    Now the uploader is working, but when I go to “Gallery” from the “Fast Edit” box in Post Edit mode… and then select multiple images with checkbox, then click “Insert Selected IMages” I only get the first one inserted. Is this related to V2.8.4? Or am I missing something again?

    BTW When I do a refresh, I’m in the habit of doing “CTRL+F5” which I *believe* forces a refresh of the cache as well.. (at least that’s how I remember it from University days… )


  97. Ahhh grrr.. The error I’ve been having with only the first image inserting is related to “Flexible Lightbox” plugin. It modifies the media manager box.

    They’re both such beautiful plugins… any ideas how I can modify & keep both running side by side?

    Anyone’s help would be gratefully appreciated!


    1. @Israel
      I think taking this issue to the wordpress forum might help? I don’t personally use Flexible Lightbox though, if there is obvious conflict of functions, I would take sometime to resolve it.

  98. Thanks very much for this Faster Image Insert Plugin. I’ve installed with with WordPress 2.8.4.

    On the user options, I’ve left the first three choices unchecked, and have tried the “Number of separators between each image” to blank (default), 2, 4, and 6 … and I’m not getting blank lines between the each image.

    As an alternative to the blank lines, I have a suggestion. I normally rename all of my image file names to something meaningful (i.e. date, place, subject). Thus, when I insert images one by one, I usually copy-and-paste the file name as text into the blog post, with the image inserted underneath. I then rewrite the paragraph (i.e. that file name) based on that meaningful file name. If you could add the feature to have that file name inserted when multiple images are written into the blog post, this would replicate the result of hand editing.

    Thanks so much for your efforts.

    P.S. I note that comments for this blog post are going to close shortly …. and I just discovered it!

  99. @David
    TinyMCE is now stripping away all blank lines, I afraid blank line can only be achieved under html mode.

    Thx for your input, I think wordpress’ caption option does what your described above though.

    comment will be closed on 2010, so no worries there :)

  100. I am having a problem with the plugin and 2.8.4. The ‘new page’ form is now blank. It comes back when I disable the plugin. Seems weird!


  101. Aha! The problem is a conflict with OZH dropdown menus. I don’t know how to fix it but at least now you know what might cause it.

  102. Hiya, Cheers for the plugin.

    I’ve run into a bug with the plugin however on 2.9 (I realise you probably dont support it yet, but, i have a feeling it’ll affect 2.8 too).

    If you attempt to upload media before the autosave has kicked in (ie. Whilst its got the Temp ID), then the upload appears to fail, and you’re left with an empty table row in the upload dialogue (Ie. where you’d expect the new upload to be displayed along with all its options..), The file is stored in the uploads directory, However no thumbnails are generated.

    ..Ok, Just did some digging:

    WordPress database error: [Out of range value for column ‘post_parent’ at row 1] – Its trying to store a post with post_parent == $temp_ID == -1254573659

    Cant store a temp_ID as a post_parent, The field is Bigint(20) UNSIGNED, So thats a buggered idea..

    I’m pretty sure that using he Temp_ID used to work (2.5 ish?) as i’ve written a similar plugin, and was going to use yours so as to not re-invent the wheel.. If you’ve got any thoughts on this, replying via email would be very much appreciated (As well as publishing here for others benefits)

  103. @DD32
    looks like 2.9+ again update the the way they change from temp id to post id, the current version will only handle 2.8.* or less

    thx, I have been busy lately, will try to update the plugin asap.

  104. @rangga
    as soon as the draft auosaves (it tells you on the right of word count), click anywhere in the box will load the media manager (it’s handled by javascript, not a link).
    Or if you have disabled autosave, manually save the post first.

    gallery is managed by wordpress itself, this plugin will not affect it. you must upload at least two images (after autosave/manual save) for it to show gallery options, i think.

  105. Thank you, this plugin is incredible. One thing I would like to see added is a pagination option for this if that is possible. THANKS AGAIN!

  106. Compatibility broken in wp 1.7.1 with 1.5+ plugin… the plugin itself works fine, but the editor totally crashed =_= most buttons disappeared,and can not swtich from HTML to WYCIWYG.

  107. Hi David,
    the french translation file contains some errors which cause Javascript errors (use of quote instead of character ’).

    How can I send you the updated file?

  108. Hi! Thank you for the awesome plugin, it has certainly made my life easier.

    I have one question: I am also using the Flutter plugin which lets me create my own write-panels. I am using your plugin inside one of my new post write panels where I have a second multiline textbox for content (I have two content areas).

    Your plugin inserts the images automatically into the second content area instead of the top (original) one where wordpress would normally insert. I believe this could be because the plugin box sits under the top content box? It would be great to be able to choose in settings which field the images are inserted into.

  109. Hi there! Great plugin indeed! Just made my life a lot easier! One suggestion though, and i can find how i can add this automatically, so maybe you can, or may want to include in new version.

    How about including the advance settings in the manager? Link title and link rel for instace. I still need to change them one by one in the wordpress standard manager, it would be awesome to be able to mass edit those too ;)

    If you know of any quick way of doing it, please let me know, thanks!

  110. @benji
    I would look into it, but it looks like Flutter plugin somehow modifies the original panel’s id.

    Would be a nice feature, but will require a major rework on the plugin. Have you tried searching the plugin database with those keywords? I do know Windows Live Writer have such functions.

  111. A fantastic plugin. But it doesn’t let you insert more than one image at a time in WordPress 2.9. It would be great if you could fix this and get it working in 2.9.

  112. @Chris

    I am unable to reproduce your problem on my 2.9 install, please check if there is any plugins interfering this action.

  113. Have the same issue that Chris is reporting. Since upgrading to 2.9.1 the plugin stops after uploading the first image using the flash uploader. Please post an update soon – your plugin is such a timesaver!!!

  114. Me again – was able to find the plugin that was causing the problem.
    Your plugin is incompatible with another plugin called “WP FlippingBook”.

    After deactivating this plugin yours was working again. Perhaps this can help you to get out an updated version which fixes this problem.

    I guess the problem has to do with Flash – since the WP FlippingBook plugin uses flash as well to show the created books in the articles.

  115. This is an excellent plugin – thank you.

    Two things would make it perfect:

    1. Option to show more than 10 images when adding images to a post
    2. Option to REVERSE the image order

    2 is especially important as a photographer, since this plugin will add the newest photo first (so a wedding for example, will be posted with the last image first!). Reversing the selection would put the photo’s in correct order.

    Great work!

  116. @Ross

    the first one is a hard limit set by wordpress, not sure if there is a way to do it without hacking the core.

    I do believe WordPress 2.8+ has it’s build-in order reversing function, right on top of the gallery tab. If you’re using 2.7, then this plugin provides a way to reverse order (in settings).

  117. Using wordpress version 2,91 and unfortunately it does not work. Any plan to update it?

  118. @wordpress user

    I need a detailed report, what doesn’t work, have you tested it with other plugin turned off ?

    The latest version works on my wp2.9.1 install, so I can’t reproduce your problem.

  119. Hello,

    How do you get images to be lightboxed with this plugin When you click to enlarge on my blog it just loads the image directly ?


    1. I afraid this plugin does not do that, this is a plugin for backend editor, not frontend blog layout. If you want it to work with other plugins you need to modify its behaviour maually.

  120. Wether I didn’t get how to use this plugin or it doesn’t work on 2.9.2: Whenever I try to upload something at the usual post editor, the usual upload box (is it flash or something?) appears in the center. But I can’t chose multiple files for uploading. I can choose only one pic or select all, but either way only one pic gets uploaded. There are some more features once a pic has been uploaded though. So I’m not sure if me or the plugin is not working properly.

  121. Yes, sadly but true, the plugin won’t work in WordPress 2.9.2.
    It crunches only the first pic, after that it won’t work :)

  122. Hello, and thanx for the great plugin. I have it working perfectly on WP 2.9.2 and WP 3.0 .
    I have developed a companion plugin to go with yours, it adds image size to insert options and image size to pop over option on a per image basis. look for media-pop at wp-superslider.com
    Glad to see you continue to develop the Faster-Image-Insert plugin.

  123. Super plugin. I am running it on a WP 2.9.2 but i have a problem where it doesnt insert the photos in the sequence i want it to. My 1st picture will always be my last. And I have to sort them out on page again. Is this a bug or a problem with my settings?

  124. Hello my friend!
    Firstly, thanks for this plugin!

    Again: I’m also having conflicts with Custom Field Template.
    When I activate CFT, Faster image inserts just only one image per time. ( Even selecting 3 5 or 9 of them ).

    I’m using WP 2.9.1, CFT 1.6.8 and Faster Image insert 1.5.1
    BTW I couldn’t find multiple image insert option in CFT’s settings page.

  125. Hi, thanks for the great plugin.. I am having issue with alternate text for images..

    I m using wordpress 3.0 , have enabled mass editing and disabled captions in faster image insert. But when i upload images and enter the text in “Image Titles” & “Image Captions / Alt-Texts” and click on apply changes and insert selected images. The alt attribute is empty for each image… How to resolve this issue..Please help..


  126. Hello Thanks for the perfect plugin, but as reported before, it conflicts with “Custom Field Template”. Appreciate if you can fix it. I am using WP 3.0.1

    Thanks and cheers..

  127. Great plugin! This is how WP should be working.
    I see you haven’t updated for WP 3? because the plugin works great on my posts but doesn’t show up at all when I edit a custom post type (which is based on post). But my custom post type is where I need the images!

  128. Hi Guy, after missing for 499 days, I am updating this plugin again. Send in your feedback on version 2.0.0 if you have any.

  129. Well i have some bug for this plugin
    For example.
    I uploaded 146 picturs when invert selection and the insert all the picture in it doesn’t take any effect?

  130. Hi, great program. i noticed that on the screenshot it has a “mass image edit” under the “gallery” tab. i don’t have this in my options. how do i get this to edit the images within this post dialogue?

    thanks for the help!

  131. I just updated faster Insert and now it doesn’t work properly. I can’t insert images at all from the gallery.

    I can add them from the media library but i cannot change the order so i have to insert each image one at a time to get the order i want.

    Just to let you know, thank you.

  132. Hey guys, just wondering if there is a fix coming out for the fater image insert plugin now it’s not fully working. Or is there a link to where i can download the previous version?

  133. Evidently an issue between WordPress 3.1 and Faster image insert. upgraded both (which have worked flawlessly up till now) and cannot insert images. I can upload, select, when i hit insert, it flashes the window white, then back to screen, but nothing gets inserted. When i tried to reinstall the old plugin, it just turns the screen white when i hit submit. My photo blog is at a complete standstill. :) any help would be appreciated.

  134. I want to remove the live url link for each image but i have to do that one image at a time, so very slow.

    Would it be possible to choose to remove the live url from all selected images with one click when the plugin is upgraded?

    Thanks, and thanks for the plugin.

  135. I installed the Faster Image Insert plugin and it is working well, but the pages/posts are now saved with pretty permalinks (sample-page) instead of my Default permalinks (?page_id=12) and the pages are not found. The script changes the way pages and posts are saved.

  136. Forget about my previous message, I found out that the problem was caused by qtranslate slug with widget plugin; disabled it and everything is working good.

    Thanks for this great plugin, making my life a lot easier.

  137. Don’t know if it’s a plugin issue or a wordpress 3.1 update problem but I cannot select several pictures at the same time like I used to do before. There’s no more “checkbox” and I can just upload several pictures. I’m using 2.1 version of the plugin and wordpress 3.1.1.

  138. Hello,
    I just install this plug-in, and i have the same problem mentioned by Therese Lachance ; i can’t select several pictures at the same time to post it all directly. I don’t have the “checkbox” for that. And i tried to disable all my others plugins, but i still dont have the checkbox and “mass-edit” option.
    Someone got the same problem ?
    Thank you !
    My wordpress is 3.1 and i downloaded the last version on FII (2.1).

  139. Ok, I’ve upgrade WordPress and now running with 3.2.1 version and I still have no checkboxes. I’m using the 2.2.0 version of the plugin. I’ve seek for hours on the web for answers without finding anything and I still don’t know what is wrong. Is there really no tips about this issue ?

    Doesn’t work with chrome and firefox.

  140. I found out the checkboxes don’t show until you hover to the button created by the plugin, either “Insert selected images” or “Invert selection”.

    p/s: Can you add ‘select all’ option?

  141. 博主 我用此插件后 发现个问题 你每传一张图后 会自动生成两张大小分别为150X150和300X200大小的图片 博主有出现这个问题没 去FTP里面看看 请博主务必回答下我 这个插件对我非常重要的

  142. We are using your plugin at homedsgn.com and it helps us a lot, but we suspect it works wrong when it comes to delete files from the server.
    Each time we had to delete photos in WordPress, database was cleared fine but photo files remain on the server, and we have to delete them manually using FTP.
    This issue of course doesn’t happen when plugin is disabled.
    Just let you know…
    Thank you.

  143. 请问图片上传的时候为什么只有title是自动写好的呢? 为什么alt 是空的呢? 怎么才能让他和title一样?

  144. Hi!
    I would like to thank you for your work, your plugin I use every day. Is it possible to make the images do not have a link? thanks

  145. Dude you’re awesome!
    Actually I haven’t found any bug, so I have nothing to report besides this: IT WORKS WONDERFULLY!!!
    Thank you very very much.

  146. Hello!
    Sorry for my english.
    It very good plugin but i have problem. When i have mass (bigger 150 image files) rename image files it work with no more 110 first files, last files not renamed.
    please help me

  147. Great plugin! It has saved me lots of work.
    I did translated the plug into Romanian and will update its translation

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