Random: In remembrance of Fate

Bedivere, excuse me, I might moe rest for a bit longer.

Until then, will you do me a favor ? Cast the fanboys Excalibur away from me…

Do you see it, King Arthur ? The continuation of Ataraxia the dream…

I am sorry but rider is really shy

You have no idea how sorry I am


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24 eps, So Long… At least we have a seemly happy ending… (whilst truth will be too much to take). Never really got into Type-moon's world setting, nonetheless I felt depressed.

Too many puzzles left unsolved, slow pace put the sequel into a dead end & major failure in characters' biography design… However the most disappointing part will still be: lack of new scenario, it is still Fate, maybe a fancy Fate with a slice of UBW & HF … but it still look awfully the same … There is no way this Anime can be concluded as neck and neck with the visual novel itself.

When people are all cheered up by a special casting guest, you know the CG isn't that eyes gripping.(I do enjoy the ending where the suave wind breeze across Fuyuki & the Forest)

PS: Totally random image design with Picasa in 2 mins XD

That's it for the remembrance today.