IE7,Oh my God you are already here … but at Yahoo ?

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There really isn’t much to say about this.

I think people should all know IE7 is much hotter than its predecessor by now.

But what I don’t really expect is M$ let Y! to win the top prize here.

6 years, all the waiting pressure & sweety hands, eventually crashed down onto Y! ?

At least I definitely failed to see why … A  strategy to avoid high traffic ? Maybe.

if can’t handle 95% of PC customers in the world, then they might as well sell less vista.

Alright then, no more random talk, here is the link, IE7 optimized for Yahoo! for all you IE7 + Yahoo! enthusiasts out there. 

Updates: So M$ WASN’T abandoning its place in the release game, the official download page is now up & running, Rock ON Googlers&M$-nerds !

(How ’bout a IE7 for Google then ? No, not yet.)

And for the time being, the legendary Maxthon can’t seem to work after a IE7 switch, hope its beta would step up soon.

Ends. Await further Updates.

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  1. as a matter of fact, the official version of microsoft IE7 shares the same digital signature with the installer extracted from yahoo’s IE7 pack, so no need to worry about ads guys.

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