Frozen Internet, BitInn Downtime 客栈暂停更新

If you haven’t heard about Taiwan’s recent earthquake, then you probably don’t know the major undersea optical-cables within Asia are currently down neither. Especially for connection between Far-East and North America(both in & out). I can’t provide more information on this matter but you can definitely find it on Google News etc.

Since this site is hosted on a US server, I won’t be unable to post any updates without use of proxy. They are a pain I tend to avoid, now with the brokedown it’s even harder to find a suitable proxy…


I should have used a tore-up T-shirt instead…

So until those hard working employees at APNIC fix the pacific internet loop, no more entries. Furthermore, rumors now suggest it will take around a month to replace all broken cables along the coast, though I would be in UK before that.

The proxy I am using is unstable so excuse me for quoting APNIC report.



And a further update on this report:


Just let you know how fragile our beloved internet is. Domestic news are storming every chinese websites, RSS readers are mostly down.

Not too far from chaos but as long as we have torrents, we are good.

A most successful day for GFW ? Yes.

Matrix ? No.

In case we miss New Year’s Eve & Comiket 71: have a pleasant time & good luck everyone.

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One thought on “Frozen Internet, BitInn Downtime 客栈暂停更新”

  1. 真是太不走运了,才刚刚设计好网站居然又有打击。
    Live Messenger也需要Proxy才能连接,看来外界信息是被部分割断了。

    Well, I got no excuse to blog now…

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